HoT Services

HoT provides a wide range of software services with professional skill set and in depth technology expertise to help different users achieve different goals.


Web Design & Development

We offer a web design tailored to your needs. Be it a professional website, online marketing or content management system, we have the flexibility to work with clients in the way that best meets their objectives.

Mobile App Development

We are an expert in mobile application development for Android platform. We offer our customers a unique mobile experience and accompany them from A to Z in the design  of their products/applications.


We  offer  complete E-Commerce packages, from bespoke shopping cart designs right through to full payment integrations. Our E-Commerce developers are highly qualified to assist in installation, modification, documentation, new and personalized development.

Computer Vision

We give vision sense to machines by using camera that enables them to make decisions of their surrondings based on effective and optimized image processing algorithms.


US Auto Parts


Human Resource Management System

HRMS is an online system which is used to combine a number of necessary HR functions. It makes sure that every day Human Resource processes are easily manageable. This system provides a means of acquiring, storing, analyzing and distributing information to various stakeholders. It improves traditional processes and enhances strategic decision making of the business.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP system integrates varied organizational systems and facilitates error-free transactions and production, thereby enhancing the organization’s efficiency. This software has been developed in MVC framework (Model, View and Controller) which contains almost all modules related to Accounts and Finance Department of an organization.

Chat Messenger

Chat Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging application that allows users to exchange text messages, files and make calls for free. Node JS is used for its backend implementation whereas HTML along with Angular JS is used for front end development. Mongo Db which is schema less and portable is used for storing database records. It has been deployed on a local server which makes this app reliable and highly secure to use within organizations.

We Offer Specialized Trainings

House of Technology: Who We Are

We are technology experts. Our team is working on multiple technologies. We believe on working in depth on a given technology rather than going wider. We enjoy what we do that makes us creative, efficient and committed to our task. We make sure that you too enjoy the quality and cost-effective perks of our work being delivered.

Our mission is to build community of technology leaders through continuous learning, critical thinking, creativity, research and social responsibility.
Computer Vision Algorithms

Why We Are Different



We strongly believe that technology is indispensable and that’s what we aim for.


In-Depth Knowledge

We learn the best technologies in depth rather going wider and that helps to make us technologically sound enough to attract potential clients.



Each individual at HoT is encouraged to contribute in his/her unique way and given a free hand to take charge of their own ideas while cooperating with other groups and respecting their activities.


Research and Development

We are constantly working in the fields of Image processing, computer vision and automation. We have developed computer vision tracking algorithms (lane, vehicle, human and many more) with proven test results.


Dr. Mubeen Ghafoor

Chief Executive Officer

Assistant Professor in CS Dept. Comsats University, Islamabad

PhD in Electrical Engineering from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU), Karachi.

Vast experience in Mobile App Development, Image Processing, machine vision systems, biometrics systems, signal analysis, GPU based hardware design and software implementation.

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We are always looking forward to work on new ideas and proposals.

We provide an environment where everyone can learn, teach, get equipped with latest trends and technologies, and then bring all their knowledge to produce effective solutions for real world scenarios.


Cubator 1ne, Office # 007, Park Road,
Chak Shahzad, Islamabad, Pakistan.